Tender Caregivers

We are the top choice for practitioners who consistently offer caring and compassionate services.

We provide:
24/7 flexibility.

No matter what time of the day, week or year you need assistance, our account managers are always on hand to deal with any problems or last-minute requests. Don’t be afraid to pick-up the phone! You are a phone call away from your next Tender Caregiver.

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Enhanced Background Checks

Upon successful application and interview, candidates are automatically enrolled on to the secure platform of our compliance partners – Ucheck and HB Compliance for complete background checks, referencing,  ID- verification and induction training. 

As such, every Tender Caregivers come with a clean background record with Care Certificate as the minimum in line with the framework for standard requirement for social care. 

Value-add service.

We have internal capability to provide our clients with competent health and safety advise not only in relation to staff we placed with you but on general health and safety matters as applies the to  social care sector.

From time to time, we send you safety alert and advice to keep everyone using your service save.

4. Collaborative Quality Control

Tender Caregivers is committed to delivering high quality of service to which all our Caregivers subscribed to.  This we do via combination of staff monitoring and appraisal tools; including on the job spot checks* (with client’s permission). This serves to ensure consistency of practice, detects and resolves issues early and promotes knowledge sharing for increased efficiency and innovation.